Ramirez Illistrad

Mad Scientist


“I don’t know about you guys, but I have a job.”

High Concept: Irreverent Tech-Priest
Trouble: Dreams of Mad Science
Spare Me This Nonsense
Such Works of Art
Don’t Touch That
Warden of Legacy (Officio Legatus)

+4: Tech, Resources
+3: Lore, Resolve
+2: Machinery, Marksmanship, Presence
+1: Athletics, Conviction, Endurance, Investigate

Stress Tracks
Physical: [][][]
Mental: [][][][]
Social: [][][]
Corruption: [][]

Mild (-2) Consequence:
Moderate (-4) Consequence:
Severe (-6) Consequence:

Mechanicus Implants: The basic Mechanicus blessings enhance the supplicant’s central nervous systems with the Cyber-Mantle, a framework of metal, wires and transmitters, allowing them to sense magnetic fields and siphon energy directly through their bodies. This also includes the addition of a Sense-Link, allowing direct divine communion with machine spirits.
Logis Implant: Use Tech in place of Perception when determining if the user is surprised, and for initiative.
Subvocal Rites: Augmetically blessed voice box broadcasts recites infrasonic liturgies in Techna-Lingua that trigger awe and fear. Allows the use of Tech to place appropriate emotional Aspects on humans. The liturgies are outside of the hearing range of normal humans, who will not know the user is speaking at all. It is considered very bad form to halt the incantations prior to their completion.
Luminen Blast: Allows you to blast a nearby target with powerful arc of electricity. Allows you to make range 1 attack with Tech. This attack may target the mental track, or it gains the Shocking trait.
Each use of luminen stunts inflicts 1 point of mental stress on the tech-priest. However, for each luminen stunt, the tech-priest gains one free use of luminen stunts per scene.
Resources – Cargo Mechadendrite: Use Tech in place of Might when lifting.
Resources – Ferric Summons: Use Tech to attempt to pull a light metal object from a distance. +1 difficulty per zone, +1 difficulty per kg. If the object is in the current zone, may be picked up as a free action.

Cost 5: Refractor Field: Portable void shield generator with a Shield skill of 4, with the trapping of defending against most physical attacks (triggered by high bursts of kinetic or radiant energy: most melee/ranged attacks but not small slow-moving projectiles/blades or mental/social/warp attacks). The shield cannot create boosts or aspects on attackers, and cannot benefit from defensive aspects such as cover. Must be used to defend against attacks it can defend against, and on a failed defense roll the shield deactivates until maintenance rituals are used outside of combat to reactivate it. Weapons with Shocking may apply one additional shift towards overcoming Shield instead of its regular effect.
Cost 4: Bolter Carbine (3 damage, 0 pen, 2 range, 2 ammo, Assault: can be used in melee, Shredding: on hit, you may reroll one die)
Cost 3: Armored Bodyglove (+ 1 Armor, Concealable)
Cost 2: Heavy Las-Weapon (1 damage, 0 pen, 1-4 range, Area: attacks areas in fire arc at 2 ammo per attack, Full Auto: may spend 1 ammo to reroll attack, Reliable: may replace roll with 0, Setup: supplementary to deploy/pickup on border of a zone which then defines firing arc, Standard Issue, Suppression: targets attacked must take cover even if unavailable or take 1 extra damage)


Relay to Nyx Infernus

Tech-marine Tellexus of the Iron Hands chapter, revered as ‘Mythril’. Veteran marine with ~200 year service record, redactions near the end ~100 years ago. Experience in this sector.
Petitioned by Inquisition, backed by Magos Talia Seleritov of the Camritus faction – AI research

Taking sanctuary with the Ad-Mech after the events of A Spark.

Representing the Adeptus Mechanicus’s interests in the Inquisitor’s work as Warden of Legacy to avoid further bookburning. Received the Vestment of Office:

Warden’s Vestments of Office: A Mars-red robe made of Mechanicus’ usual rugged and utilitarian materials, bespoke to the tech-priest’s size, form factor, with allowances for augmetics. Crisp white highlights the hood, collar, sleeves and hem, crafted in using a nanopolymerium resistant to dirt and stains on the molecular level. Lines of light pulse along lumen seams in tune with the wearer’s cyber-mantle. A trio of reflective orange circles line each sleeve, an ancient symbol of preservation found only on the most monumental technological feats in ancient Holy Terra.

Ramirez Illistrad

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