Sisigmund von Schwaben

Sergeant turned Saboteur


High Concept: Sergeant turned Saboteur.
Trouble: Mehmed’s first Man.
3. Captain’s prized Powersword
4. Always Another Æxit
5. Indomitable when Inebriated


Great (+ 4): Endurance
Good (+ 3): Presence | Assault
Fair (+ 2): Resources | Investigate | Stealth
Average (+ 1): Survival | Perception | Medicine | Contacts


Demo Kit: Single purpose item, used to destroy stationary targets (e.g. walls, doors, buildings).
Trusty Trenchcoat: Single purpose item, used to conceal bulky items.
Sword and Bolter
Indiscriminate Fire: Use assault in place of marksmanship for any weapon with Area. Requires the presence of a mental consequence. You may take a mental consequence voluntarily to use it.

Other Gear:
Hand Flamer (x2)
Concealable Bodyglove

Physical Stress Boxes: 4
Mental Stress Boxes: 2
Social Stress Boxes: 4
Corruption Stress Boxes: 2


After the Sergeant was ordered to shell an entire Istian city for sheltering rebels, he instead set off the ammunition dump, killing 600 guardsmen in the process. He was imprisoned for court marshal but escaped with rebel help, taking Colonel Mehmed’s prize powersword to boot. With a new name, and a new ID to match, he now works for Andruscus on the inside.

The sergeant’s real name is Tiberius Numicius. He was born on Cadia in the northlands, where his family barely eeked out a living in the slums of a fortress city. At sixteen he was drafted into the home guard, on the even of the second black crusade for the Cadian sector. His platoon was assigned to directly repel a Chaos Dreadnaught before completing basic training, and suffered 100% casualties after the squad leader’s meltabomb failed to detonate. Tiberius himself suffered sever burns to his legs, and survived only because the machine lumbered away.

The Cadian legion selected Tiberius as a boarding specialist, and retrained him before assignment to the assault corvette Emperor’s Mercy in what remained of the Cadian defense fleet. The constant fighting wore down the troops fast, and Tiberius was no exception. After weeks of being kept alive by only his constant vigilance, and watching a Plaugebearer demon disembowel his still living squad mates, it became impossible to shut off. Tiberius began to self medicate with dream-spirits, a blend of 120 proof grain spirits and raw opiates that the enlisted men traded like prison cigarettes on the Mercy. Through attrition, Tiberius began to move up the ranks. After a field promotion to squad leader, his capacity to inspire those around him and indomitable spirit quickly caught the attention of Lieutenant Matridius, commander of the Mercy’s marine detachment.

His new prominence led to ever more dangerous missions. Half squads, boarding directly ship to ship, with no docking seals. Cutting through bulkheads from the outside with meltaguns. Watching a distant comrade being torn apart by the physical manifestations of the warp because she had lingered for just a minute too long. Finally, watching the Mercy’s reactor core go up from a lucky lascannon hit just seconds after he’s been blown out the launch tubes. The target didn’t linger, and his squad floated in space for nearly two days, left for dead. Only Tiberius still drew breath when the Cleansing Fire arrived.

Receiving a commendation for bravery, Tiberius was assigned to the command post of Captain Ibrihim Mehmed, with promotion to sergeant of the 58th Cadian regiment.

Sisigmund von Schwaben

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