Techmarine Tellexus

Venerable Techmarine of the Iron Hands



  • All my children – all sorts of robots scattered on planet
  • Safe for now – in hiding … somewhere?

Tellexus was a venerable Techmarine of the Iron Hands Space Marine chapter with several centuries of loyal service to his name. However, the later years of his service record appear to have been redacted or expunged, and end abruptly well over a century ago. There is evidence , however, that he came to Nyx Infernus, for reasons unknown, and established a series of sensor arrays to monitor communications within the hab ring.

He is likely the original figure venerated by some Borer myths as the Hand of Mythril, who gave the Borers the ability to predict or control the weather.

During his career, Tellexus was fascinated by the Imperial technology of servitor skulls, and had at certain times, weaponized small fleets of them.

Techmarine Tellexus

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