Waylon Quintillus Celeritas

Military pilot turned smuggler


High Concept: Military pilot turned smuggler
Trouble: Money owed to House Lorasia

1. If it looks fast, I have to drive it.
2. High risk, high reward.
3. Information is power.
4. A tangled web of faces

+4: Deception
+3: Stealth, Machinery, Resolve
+2: Empathy, Athletics, Lore
+1: Perception, Conviction, Burglary, Contacts

1. “Heirloom” weapon: stolen Gyokus Prime Meltagun
2. Backstab (Can use stealth to make physical attacks, provided target is not aware of your prescence)
3. False Bravado: if one of my cover identities is in danger of being blown, can re-roll deception
4. Forbidden Lore: can use Lore roll to make knowledge checks for things I shouldn’t know

War gear:
1. Meltagun: +2 dmg, +4 penetration, 2 ammo, range 3, AV 4, Melta
2. Laspistol: +0 dmg, +0 penetration, 4 ammo, range 2
3. Captain Permelis Lorasia’s Gladius (short sword): +0 dmg, +0 penetration
4. Specialist Flak Armour: +1 AR

Misc. Items:
- Permelis’ his dog tags and military uniform

Physical: [ ] [ ]
Mental: [ ] [ ]
Social: [ ] [ ]
Corruption: [ ] [ ]

Mild (-2):
Moderate (-2):
Extreme (-4):
Severe (-6):

Various Personalities (i.e., false identities):
Leylios the Acolyte in the Service of Inquisitor Hadrius on Nyx Infernus
- known to Sister Aedessa Jorens, Conrad Scholz, and Mouse, though Aedessa doesn’t actually know him by this name

Yorious Sicarius
- known to various borers (Isaac Marr and members of the crimson oath) as an off-planet assassin hired by a red scar to aid in their struggle

Likios the scholar
- a quirky fellow/personality, meant to be un-intimidating so as to be easily dismissed as non-threatening. Noticed perhaps in passing by VJ Shore, Riker, and Rena Stov, though all three would probably have forgotten his existence.

- an as yet un-assumed identity. Perhaps a smuggling cover name


House Lorasia pulled strings to get me out of the military in return for a 5-year contract to pilot a Lorasian starship transport. Officially, my decree was to transport Lorasian trade goods throughout the system to various Lorasian outposts (in particular, to and from the observatory moon of Melus Terus, and to and from Gyokus Prime); however, I soon discovered that Lorasia’s recent rise to influence and wealth was fuelled primarily by profitable underground smuggling operations on Gyokus Prime.

On one particular “voyage” to Gyokus Prime, I had agreed to shepherd a fugitive sergeant to safety, providing he agreed to tag along on my current mission until I could dump him somewhere convenient. En route to Gyokus Prime, I left the flight deck, indicating to my co-pilot to keep an eye on the auto pilot systems and to page me when we reached the Gyokus system. I went below deck to learn more about the fugitive I now harboured aboard my ship. After far too many drinks, I managed to learn that he was responsible for 600 deaths on Orbus Istia, where I picked him up. Damn; I’m definitely going to pay the consequences of so many drinks tomorrow. Hopefully it doesn’t throw me off my game - Lorasia has a big payload to deliver on Gyokus. Alas, knowledge is power, and I’ll do whatever it takes to get the information I want.

Unfortunately, I was sufficiently hungover that the Gyokus Prime excursion was a disaster. My true purpose was uncovered and, in my haste to escape the planet, some of the Lorasian ship’s systems were irreparably damaged. Upon my unheralded return to Vallis Augustana, I ditched the ship because I couldn’t pay for it; I’ve been on the run from House Lorasia ever since.

On Vallis Augustana, I was finally cornered by Lorasian goons while trying to make passage off planet with some hot uplink codes. The sergeant seemed to come from nowhere, and pulled me into a tiny alleyway. As the thus gave chase, we zig-zagged deeper into the maze. I was sure we were trapped at least a dozen times, but the sergeant always had another exit. We soon lost the goons, and took the Spiratus Marsanius off planet the day.

Waylon Quintillus Celeritas

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