Chimera Armored Transport Vehicle


Type: Armored Tracked Transport
Crew: 1 Driver, 2 Gunners, 1 Commander, 12 Passengers
Vehicle Armor: 2
Armor: 4
Maneuverability: + 0
Max Speed: 4
Consequence: Mild (+ 2), Moderate (+ 4)
Multilaser Suite (Turret ): + 2 damage, 0 penetration, 2 range, Standard issue
Heavy Bolter (Fixed ): + 3 damage, 0 penetration, 3 range, Shredding

Cruising: Spend a minor action to move two zones
Reinforced front armor: When the Chimera moves to a new zone, designate a border of the zone as its “front facing”. The Chimera gains +1 Armor against attacks through that border.

Augustana-pattern Infantry Close Support Chimera

The Augustana variant Chimera replaces the limited vision blocks in the driver’s compartment with forward and side viewports, protected by armored shutters. This variant gives the driver excellent all-round vision to spot threats in urban areas, and allows the vehicle maneuver with finesse to lend close support to advancing troops.

Replaces: Reinforced front armor with Close Support Tactics

Close Support Tactics: The Chimera and one infantry unit may each spend a minor action to move one zone together; the infantry unit automatically takes cover behind the Chimera.


Chimera Armored Transport Vehicle

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