Tag: Borers


  • VoxJockey Granite

    Broadcasted a heroic rendition of [[:sisigmund-von-schwaben]] leading the Borer's into battle at Granite Shore. von Schwaben offered to induct him into the nascent rebels, continuing his operation from a vox-equipped Chimera, but he refused. Instead, he …

  • VoxJockey Shores

    * Crazy ponytail dyed with splashes of colors * Crazy driver * Has a cobbled-together rover with dysfunctional doors * [[:waylon-quintillus-celeritas|Likios the crazy man]] kept stealing her stuff, what a punk VJ Shores (not her real name) …

  • Rena Stov

    * Tall and thin woman wearing a Borer-white shawl * Red and green eyes, patches of blond and brown hair * Always seems a little nervous * Met the players at the Moot, and expressed her faction's distaste for entering into open conflict

  • Warlord Thom Kreig

    Eager to attack the guardsmen line, the Kriegs were the most enthusiastic supporters of von Schaben's rebellion. They provided two armored hauler-8's for the assault, smashing the right flank of the guardsman line before cutting into Moraine Station's …

  • Renor Sarg

    Agreed to support the characters' plan to attack Moraine Station. Organized a convoy of hauler-8's to obstruct the maglev tracks to prevent reinforcements from reaching the station. This inadvertently delays a commuter train meant to evacuate civilians …

  • Piet Somms

    * Short, portly merchant whose stature would fit right in with the Borers * Dressed in fine clothing with jingling metal bits