Tag: Cadian 58th


  • Sisigmund von Schwaben

    After the Sergeant was ordered to shell an entire Istian city for sheltering rebels, he instead set off the ammunition dump, killing 600 guardsmen in the process. He was imprisoned for court marshal but escaped with rebel help, taking Colonel Mehmed's …

  • Colonel Ibrihim Mehmed

    Mehmed is a white haired veteran of the Cadian 58th who distinguished himself during the Eye of Terror campaign against the Black Crusade. Recently promoted to colonel in exchange for forming the Istian Janissary from the ground up. Having fought as a …

  • Captain Konrad Stolz

    * Originally part of the Cadian 58th * Led a squad of Janissaries in securing Station Moraine * Recognized [[:sisigmund-von-schwaben|Sergeant Tiberius Numicius]], whom he served with as a sergeant * Has a tendency to embellish his war stories

  • Lieutenant Threse "Mouse" Mausier

    * Used to be communications and signals technician (specialist) * Promoted to lieutenant, in charge of Janissary Signals Intelligence team * Diminutive but assertive * Seems to have developed some rapport with [[:sisigmund-von-schwaben]], and then he …