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Fate 40k is an adaptation of Fate Core to the grimdark future of Warhammer 40k. It incorporates elements from other Fate Core games such as Dresden Files and Diaspora. The rules emphasize replicating the feel of the 40k setting, particularly at the level of heroic but ultimately human individuals within the Imperium. View the rule-set here.
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A Chronicle of our Nyx Infernus Adventures…
Season 1A Precarious Notion
InterludeTrust No Soul, a Dark Angels one-shot adventure
Season 2 — starts here

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Warhammer 40k Resources:
Super Condensed Introduction to the 40k setting by Steven Lumpkin
Vaults of Terra – videos introducing the Warhammer 40k universe
Warhammer 40k Wiki

Other Resources:
Big Ol’ List of Fate Aspects

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