Nova Roma

Nova Roma is the capitol of Vallis Augustana, and both the seat of the subsector administration, and the home of the Planetary Senate.

Nova Rome is actually comprised of 7 spire hubs:

Palatine Hill is the commercial heartland of Nova Roma, containing the primary urban spaceport and the Scipii Administration Complex. It is home to the Circus Mechanicus, the colossal stadium in which many of the chariot-halftrack races are held, and headquarters to the Vallis Augustana chapter of the Adeptus Mechanicus. It also contains the Lorasia Tower, House Lorasia’s official complex.

Capitolinus Spire is one of the tallest tower on the planet and contains the Temple of Imperator Optimus Maximus, a cathedral built in the style of the grand megastructures on Holy Terra and the proud heart of the Ecclesiarchy in the subsector. The tallest sections of the spire are also home to Patron Paternis Familias Augustus, who have inhabited and raised the spire to its current height over the millennia.

The Aventine Collegia is a urban sprawl on the Tiber River, and is home to many of the working class of the city. It contains a length stretch of abandoned wharf since the ecological damage to the Tiber forced the closure of shipping lanes. Many describe the Aventine as a wretched hive of scum and villainy.

The tall marble Caelian Towers is a reclusive hive, containing the University of Nova Roma (the Universitas Inquilina). Administered by the Circus Mechanicus, the University has developed a reputation in the sector for their work on vehicle designs, engineering worship, and sacred prometheum distillations.

The Quirinal houses the Planetary Senate, which convenes every second day except on Sol Day. It also contains the Administratum Hub of the subsector.

The Viminal Precinct contains the city’s freight centers, and an antiquated system of rail lines that have replaced the city’s shipping lanes.

The Esquiline Fields is a relatively rural district, with large stretches of vineyards and patrician owned hunting grounds. It is also home to the gladiatorial arenas of Augustana.

Nova Roma

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