Rubicon Station

The Rubicon Station is venerable station in orbit around Vallis Augustana, constructed several millennia ago and expanded several times by the Adeptus Mechanicus to accommodate the growing needs of the population and merchant families of the planet. The primary purpose of the station was to house the subsector’s full-spectrum communications array, the heart of a growing network of relays between stars that carry the words of the Omnissiah’s servants with surety and expediency.

Historically, Rubicon Station was the sole staging point for orbital departure. All ground-to-space traffic was directed to the station, and lighter and tender traffic departed from the station’s docks toward moored vessels. The primary motivation of this setup was bureaucratic: goods and persons were potentially taxable at the crossing, and records were kept to fulfill the planet’s tiered citizenship statuses.

As per the original accords of the trading familias, imperial regiments were ceremonially stood down and disarmed at the crossing, for military commanders held no “right to command” once they have crossed into Vallis Augustana proper. The tradition continues to date. There are no Imperial Guard regiments or garrisons on the planet’s surface. Though each house maintains a sizable “house militia”, and most major cities boast a well armed contingent of urban cohorts that serve alongside arbites officials.

Rubicon Station is primarily maintained by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Each patrician familias also maintains a presence on the station. Over the years, the Mechanicus has gradually enlisted staff from the various familias for more and more tasks. The Scipio Familias, in particular, with their extensive ties to the Imperial Navy, have taken over many of the administrative and legislative duties aboard the station, including the Scipii Transit Authority, the local branch of the administratum in charged with permitting entry of goods and persons into Augustana proper.

Rubicon Station

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