Starting Wargear

Your starting equipment depends on your Resource rating. You gain one piece of wargear at your Resources +1, Resources +0, Resources -1, and Resources -2. You may assume most items at Resources -2 or lower are generally available to your character, though too troublesome to be carried or maintained on your person at all times.

In addition, you may use stunts to acquire Equipment Stunts. You also gain one minor equipment stunt for free, for every two points you have in Resources

If you wish to obtain a weapon that is outside the typical limits of your resources, you may take a stunt to enable you to do so. It should be accompanied by a description of how your character came about the weapon.

Stunt: Weapon Specialist or Heirloom Weapon, etc
You acquire a weapon from the Weapons list, even if it is beyond the limits of your Resource rating.

Starting Wargear

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