Iron Hands

X Legion
Flesh is weak. Iron endures.

Decimated by the Horus Heresy, the Iron Hands retreated to their homeworld of Medusa. Here, they seethed over the loss of their primarch, and sought perfection in technology beyond their human forms. This, combined with their reverence for all things mechanical, bring them close in line with the faith of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Iron Hands also have a reputation for employing heavy handed assault tactics, with harsh punishments for any who fail in their line of duty.

Chapter Aspects

Iron is Incorruptible – Members of the Iron Hands yearn to purge their bodies of the poison of flesh, and replace it with the purity of bionics. Invoke this aspect to gain a bonus when using bionics or technology. Compel this aspect to show reverence for great works of technology. This aspect also affiliates you with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Purity of Hatred – Iron Hands harbor a hatred for many things. The greatest of their hatred is reserved for the traitor legions for their betrayal of the Emperor; the loyalist legions for letting it happen. They are especially intolerant of the Salamanders and Raven Guard, whose weakness during the Horus Heresy led to the death of their primarch.

Strength from Strife – This is an ideal held by their primarch, Ferrus Manus, who never united the mining clans of their homeworld. The harsh, brutal wars between the clans of Medusa give rise to a tough and hardy stock of humans, ideal for the chapter’s recruiting needs.

Iron Price of Weakness – Even more so than the other chapters, the Iron Hands do not tolerate the failings of the flesh. Harsh retribution awaits those who fail in their line of duty, be they space marine, guard, or civilian. Invoke this aspect leverage this reputation for intimidation, or to steel those who have tasted its wraith against recidivism. Compel this aspect to dole out harsh punishment when it may complicate matters.

Chapter Stunts

The chapter makes extensive use of bionics. By taking Iron is Incorruptible, or a similar aspect, they gain affiliation with the Adeptus Mechanicus, and qualify for Cybernetics as if they were a Adeptus Mechanicus Adept.

Other Notes

Rather than the traditional office of a chaplain, who maintains the faith of the space marine brothers with associations with the Ecclesiarchy, Techmarines called Iron Fathers fill this role of spiritual guidance. Many view the chapter’s association with the Adeptus Mechanicus as unhealthy, although the Inquisition has never showed any overt signs of disapproval.


Iron Hands

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