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Warhammer Aspects:

“Venerate the Ancient Machine” – Ancient machines, particularly those from the Dark Age of Technology, are vastly superior than their modern day counterparts
“Fear the witch, the mutant, and the xenos” – All good imperial citizens are taught to fear those who wield psyker powers, those that sport grotesque mutations, and any number of foul alien beings. And for good reason.
Grim, Dark Future – The 41st millenium is a harsh and unforgiving place, cruel fates come to the unwary and the paranoid alike. Comrades and friends may be killed by stray fire; corruption and mutation visit as if of capricious will. A player may compel this aspect to cause grievous harm (typically moderate or severe consequences) to their character as a result of their own actions, or the actions of others, beyond the scope of firefight rules. This compel generates a Fate Point for the player, which may be spent immediately (rather than accrued at the end of the scene), and may be awarded to another player. This aspect cannot be compelled by the GM or on other characters.

Creating Your Campaign

Subsector Generation
—> Planetary Classification Tables
Voidship Creation

Nyx Infernus campaign:

Skill List
—> Command Squad
—> Working Contacts
—> Divine Realities and Forbidden Knowledge
Acts of Faith
Psychic Powers
General Stunts
—> Zealous Stunts
—> Weapon Stunts

Starting Wargear
—> Melee Weapons
—> Range Weapons
—> Weapon Complications
—> Weapon Stunts
Equipment Stunts
Astartes Armory

Stress Tracks and Consequences
Strikethrough Damage
Exerting Stress Tracks
Enhancing and Limiting Skills
Combat and Firefights
—> Melee Combat
—> Vehicle Combat
—> Advantages in Combat
Minor Action
Squad Rules
Refreshing Fate Points
Spending Fate Points
Fire Arcs


—> Starship Combat
—> Attacks and Defenses
—> Ramming and Boarding
—> Starship Weapons
—> Lightcraft Assault
—> Elite Crew Stunt
—> Starship Components
Ship Roles


Faction Ratings
Faction Actions
Faction Assets
Dynasty Management

Space Marines

How to be a Space Marine
—> Running Games for Space Marines


Ork Boyz – stats for ork infantry types
Ork Vehicles – includes ridable creatures and riders

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