Peratum Temple

Location: Nyx Infernus

The Peratum Temple is home to an isolated sect of Tech-Priests on Nyx Infernus. Located in the southern hemisphere, and approximately 4 hours drive sun-ward of Peratum Station of the maglev line, the Temple houses sacred and ancient machinery that harness the radiant energies of the sun into forms usable by the Imperium’s sacred machines.


The Temple is constructed in the shape of a pyramid elongated in the direction of the sun and angled so its surface is oblique to the sun’s harsh light. The exterior of the Temple is lined with giant blocks of sandstone, and its top is tipped in glinting gold. The nightward side features a great statue of the Omnissiah set into the Temple face, scepter in hand, striking a contemplative pose above the vehicle lot, protecting his blessed machines in his shadow. A large entrance at the feet of the Omnissiah leads to the workshop area, from which the rest of the temple can be accessed.


The workshop is a long rectangular chamber containing the sacred equipment to service the Omnissiah’s blessed vehicles. Twelve columns of brilliant light provide illumination for the workers. Much of the work floor is taken up by a queue of stone working apparatus, producing immense rectangular sandstone blocks to be assembled into a statue in the image of Tech-Prophet TNHTP.

Worker Quarters

Two hab blocks flank the workshop area. Hallways of dull gray metal lead to dormitory cubes and communal feeding areas for the Borer workers.

Garden of Geometry

Near the center core of Peratum Temple is a chamber filled with statues of mathematical perfection. Each metal sculpture fits the geometry of a higher numerical abstraction, with a text of its representation engraved in a tiny golden script along the edges of the sculpture. A pair of aqueducts carry fresh water along the vaulting walls, allowing them to cascade down in waterfalls into a drinking fountain near the center of the room.

Audience Chamber

This grand, gilded chamber sits at the entrance to the Inner Sanctum, granting the Mechanicus serfs a chance to speak to the higher tech-priests through its large ornate doors. Opposite the entrance is a large cog throne of dark metal, its presence dominating. It is flanked by a pair of golden sphinx statues hoisting golden glaives; both are combat servitor, standing perfectly still but ever-ready intercept intruders or assailants. Detailed tapestries flank the sides of the room, each detailing tech-priests performing various daily rites. Many of these incorporate a number of intentional flaws so as to guard the secrets of the Mechanicum from over-ambitious serfs.

Inner Sanctum

The Mechanicus within the Temple have become entirely withdrawn into the Inner Sanctum, Tech-Prophet TNHTP. No longer do they concern themselves with the fleshling serfs. Instead, they devote their daily observance toward the full and complete understanding of numbers, the perfection of exotic geometries, and communion with the machine spirit. A sect of the Temple have also began communion with the Logis Beyond. The sacred transformarium controls are also housed underground here, overseen by Revered Mother Diskhet

Peratum Temple

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