Raven Guard

XIX Legion
Masters of Stealth, Infiltration, and Sabotage

The Raven Guards are a small chapter of space marines whose numbers were decimated during the Horus Heresy. Despite efforts of their primarch, they have never truly recovered from this blow. As a result, the chapter as a whole has embraced guerrilla tactics as its primary form of warfare — a view that other chapters find distasteful.

Chapter Aspects

Senses of the Hunted – Only by being hunted, can a warrior truly become one with the shadows. Invoke this aspect to boost your attempts at infiltration and sabotage when the enemy is on alert. If you invoke this aspect by spending a Fate Point, increase its bonus to + 3. Compel this aspect to take additional risks to test your infiltration skills.

A Raven’s Judgement – Raven Guard Captains are fiercely independent, using their autonomy to make quick field assessments and act upon any targets of opportunity. Invoke this aspect when acting quickly upon new information, exploiting brief windows of opportunity, and taking initiative away from the enemy. Compel this aspect to act dismissive and aloof around authority figure that may prove quarrelsome in the long run.

Raven Sight – Raven Guard forces rely heavily on reconnaissance, particularly from scout marines. Invoke this aspect to boost reconnaissance efforts, or when acting upon gathered intelligence. This aspect may be compelled if said intelligence is inaccurate, or brings ill tidings.

Chapter Stunts

All Raven Guard astartes have the Waith-slipping stunt, and replace Inspire Zeal with Inspire Terror.

Stunt: Wraith-slipping: Using this technique, taught to every Raven Guard Neophytes by seasoned Shadow Captains, the Raven Guard Astartes are able move silently and stealthily, even in full battle regalia. Removes the Noisy aspect from power armors.

Stunt: Inspire Terror: The subtle effectiveness of a Raven Guard’s guerrilla warfare strikes fear into the hearts of enemies, but does little reassure the confidence of friends. As Inspire Zeal except the boost may only be used by you.

Other Notes

The doctrines adopted by the Raven Guard emphasize strategic mobility and lightning fast strikes to exploit weak points in the enemy line. Raven Guard Assault Marines form the mainstay of their forces, leaping into battle with signature beaked helms and twin lightning claws.


Raven Guard

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