Subsector Augustana

=Our Nyx Infernus Chronicles=


Nyx Infernus – Tidal locked hive world (MAP)
Vallis Augustana – Subsector capital, communication array
Perditus Causus – A world with ancient technology, overrun by orcs
Malus Terra – A planet entangled with warp energies
Gyokus Prime – Homeworld of the abhuman Gyokai people
Orbus Istria – recently liberated from feudal democracy

Themes and Threats

On Nyx Infernus:
Threat – (Cult of Tzeentch) Something Sinister Stalks the Shadows
Theme – (Inquisition) We dare not stray
Theme – Warp Seeping In
Threat – (Scipii Fleet) Rusty buckets to bail out the Warp
Threat – (Lorasian Cohort) A restless army finds its own foes

Resolved: Threat – Monsters of the Night

Subsector: Theme – Frustratus Mechanicus
Perditus Casus: Threat – Civil Waaagh


Messenger Adys
Messenger Dimitrius
Grandmother Cadniss

Inquisitor Hadrius
‘General’ Haronen Scipio
Major Cornelius Lorasia

Colonel Ibrihim Mehmed
Adruscus the Merciless


Augustana News Network
Nyxian Nightly News
Noble family on Vallis Augustana: Patron Paternis Familias
Noble family on Vallis Augustana: Scapli Basilius Familias
Noble family on Vallis Augustana: House Lorasia
Orbus Istria: Naxipolus – resistance group
Orbus Istria: Istian Janissary

Subsector Augustana

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